Play Puppy バービー人形 おもちゃ 着せ替え Barbie Park and Giftset 輸入品 Doll Nikki e2075ghlm11872-人形

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Play Puppy バービー人形 おもちゃ 着せ替え Barbie Park and Giftset 輸入品 Doll Nikki e2075ghlm11872-人形

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Nikki knows that puppies are cute but they need training / The larger puppy really moves when Nikki claps. / Press the lever on Nikki's back to make her clap and the larger puppy will come to Nikki / The little puppy can attach to the larger one for playtime together / Includes Nikki doll with clapping feature, doghouse play set, 2 puppies, a ball and a bone

商品名:Barbie Puppy Play Park and Nikki Doll Giftset



バービー人形 おもちゃ 着せ替え Barbie Puppy Play Park and Nikki Doll Giftset 輸入品
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