Disney Key Brass Snow 白い 17" - Doll Ballerina Porcelain dc468buty33766-人形

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Disney Key Brass Snow 白い 17" - Doll Ballerina Porcelain dc468buty33766-人形

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【商品名】Brass Key Disney Snow White Porcelain Ballerina Doll - 17" 【カテゴリー】おもちゃ:きせかえ人形・ハウス

Brass Key Disney Snow White Porcelain Ballerina Doll - 17"



Brass Key Disney Snow White Porcelain Ballerina Doll - 17" - This beautiful doll portrays Snow White as a ballerina, and she is dressed in an exquisite ballerina tutu gown. Snow White's fitted bodice is made of light-blue satin brocade with her trademark red and blue satin pouf sleeves. The bodice is accented with a band of blue satin along the top, which is covered with a layer of see-thru white chiffon that flares upwards into a gold-edged ruffle around her neck. Her bodice neckline has a small red rose atop a red satin ribbon bow, with additional small red roses along the gold trim lines near her waist, plus one large red satin rose at her waist. Her dramatically poufed tutu skirt is made with an overskirt of white ruffled chiffon that is edged in gold, and this overskirt is above two layers of yellow tulle netting. Her skirt is accented with clear shimmering sequins and tiny gold beads, with additional small red roses scattered along the middle of her skirt. She wears white cotton pantalets under her gown. Snow White stands on her toes in yellow ballet slippers that are painted on her feet, and she is standing gracefully in a classic ballet position with her arms outstretched towards her waist. Snow White has a serene smiling face, with lovely hazel brown eyes, real eyelashes, and red lipstick on her closed mouth. Her long black hair is worn atop her head in Snow White's signature hairstyle, and she wears a pretty gold tiara decorated with red and blue flowers. Snow White is a large doll, at approximately 17 inches tall! This wonderful doll was released by Brass Key Keepsakes in 2004 and is very difficult to locate now.

Brass Key Disney Snow 白い Porcelain Ballerina Doll - 17
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